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Child trying new food.

10 Tips To Encourage Your Kids To Try New Foods

We all have adult friends who refuse to eat certain vegetables or who are not even willing to be polite in situations where their favorite foods are not served. We can all guess why. It starts when you are very young. Got a picky eater of your own? Here are 10 tips to encourage your

Family playing soccer.

Your Guide To Raising Healthy Active Kids

Have kids? If so, you know how our culture and the internet can interfere with parental guidance. They would much rather pay attention to “so-called” experts on Tiktok than listen to their parents. The good news is that you can counter almost everything the world puts in front of your kids. It takes patience and

Child sitting on couch using tablet.

Screen Time: How Much Time Is Too Much For Kids?

Televisions, smartphones, computers, and tablets are all devices both adults and children use for information, entertainment, and social interaction. As with most modern conveniences, it is best to use them in moderation. Unfortunately, many kids (and adults) spend too much time looking at screens. How much screen time is too much for kids?

Child with fever laying down.

A Guide To Treating Your Child’s Fever

A fever in children is quite common, and it’s not necessarily dangerous in most cases. A fever is considered 100.4 or higher, and it’s the body’s way of providing a defense from viruses or bacteria. To treat or not to treat and how is the question. Keep reading to learn a guide to treating your

Woman giving her child medicine.

Giving Your Child Medicine: What You Should Know

When your little one is not eating, feeling a bit feverish, and no amount of love and cuddling will calm him or her, you become worried. Knowing when to give your child medicine and when not to is essential before you do anything. Let’s explore in more detail giving your child medicine.

Woman taking her baby's temperature.

RSV In Children: What Parents Should Know

RSV is the acronym for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and it usually peaks from November through March. It is an especially dangerous virus for children younger than two years old and seniors. If you have a young child and especially one that was born premature, pay attention to the following information. RSV in children: what parents

Two kids that are friends.

How Can I Help My Child Make Friends At School?

Some children seem to be born gregarious. They happily enter into any group or conversation. They are swift to join teams, and they love having lots of friends over. However, other kids are more shy, unassuming, and just don’t have the same social skills. If you are worried that your child is not interacting with

brushing teeth

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

What causes early childhood dental caries in children? Prolonged exposure to milk and other sugary liquids such as juice can cause tooth decay in children. This is known as early childhood caries (ECC), bottle-mouth syndrome, or baby bottle tooth decay. It has remained an increasing problem world-wide, though it varies based on socioeconomic status and

kids beach

Summertime Sunscreen Safety

Summertime is the most important time to protect your children from the sun’s rays. Staying in the shade and covering up the skin are the most protective ways to avoid sun exposure and always your first line of defense. But, for those sunny outdoor days where exposure is expected, sunscreen can provide protections from the


Calcium & Vitamin D Recommendations

How much calcium and Vitamin D does my child need? We get this question a lot during our well child exams. The answer varies per age group, but according to the American Academy of Pediatrics these are the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA): 0-6 months > 200 mg calcium daily > 400 IU vitamin D 7-12