Halloween Safety

With Halloween coming up, Personal Pediatrics just wanted to take a moment to remind you of some safety tips. Halloween is a time for children to dress up and have fun, and we want to keep it an enjoyable experience!

The Buddy System:
Make sure your child is out on a “Halloween-Safe Night” if your community offers this, and stick to the curfew times for your specific area. Parents, please make sure all younger children are accompanied by an adult to monitor their safety while out Trick or Treating. Children should be told never to go into a stranger’s home or even approach one without an adult with them and within sight. If they are approached by a stranger they should never get in their car or go anywhere with them. Tell your child to return to the adult they are out with and let them know immediately.

Older Children:
For your older children that may be going out by themselves or with friends: plan a safe route ahead of time so you know where to find them at all times. Make sure to set and discuss the curfew time for their return home. Ensure that they have a phone or means to reach you. Instruct them to stay in well lit areas, avoiding back alleys or short cuts. Make sure older children know that vandalism is not legal and can lead to being arrested or other punishment, even for juveniles. Hurting animals is also unacceptable and punishable by law. Make sure to explain to them why these behaviors are inappropriate.

Inspect all treats before allowing your children to eat them. Make sure they know to bring them home first before trying any. Check for allergens, tampered wrappers and avoid any opened candy. Also, avoid homemade treats by strangers.

Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year. Provide your children with a reflective or flashing item on their costume so they can be seen by others, especially cars. Also, discuss street safety and always using the sidewalks. Most importantly, make sure your child can see! Avoid masks or costume that can block their vision. Make sure costumes fit properly to avoid tripping and check that they are marked as flame resistant. Always test costume makeup ahead of time for allergic reactions and make sure makeup is non-toxic.

Most importantly, have fun!

When done safely, Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for children to participate in.

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