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Spring Health & Safety Guide for Parents

Spring is here! The time of year when kids are chomping at the bit to get outside. After being cloistered in the house for months and only allowed outside for brief periods, now they are looking forward to spending hours outside in the spring weather. With all that future fun on the horizon, it might also be time for a spring health & safety guide for parents.

Ah, the Warm Sun

Kid riding bike.

It feels spectacular for both parents and kids to finally feel the warm sun on their faces. Your kids have been craving it; you too. Just because it’s not the scorching heat of August doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be putting broad spectrum sunscreen on your kids. Yes, the sun provides Vitamin D, but the kids should still be wearing sunscreen even on cloudy days. Be sure to reapply if they will be out in the sunshine for long periods.

Break Out the Bikes

Don’t forget the scooters and rollerblades. Make it a point to discuss bike safety, and impress upon your kids the need for helmets. Replace any old or damaged helmets with new ones, and check the fit.

The Creepy Crawlies Are Back Too

Yes, all those insects both flying and creeping are also enjoying the spring weather. Bug sprays are the most efficient way to keep your kids safe. Read labels and pick those with less than 30% DEET. Here are some additional tips. 

If your child has trouble breathing or begins to swell, vomit, or feel faint after a bug bite, contact Personal Pediatrics as soon as possible.

Manners on the Playground

Manners convert to safety. Remind your kiddos about:

  • Waiting to take their turn
  • Going down a slide feet first
  • Paying attention and holding on to railings
  • Not to take unnecessary risks or show off

You can do your part by checking the equipment for strength, durability, and hazards.

Steer Clear of Allergies

Easy to say, but your child can develop allergies when they never were bothered before. If you notice sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, and/or itchy and watery eyes, we recommend you keep them inside (even on a beautiful day), close the windows, and run the air conditioner.

Contact Personal Pediatrics if you want to have them evaluated at our office in Orlando, FL.

For Parents: Pay Attention

A spring health & safety guide should include one more tip. Springtime brings everyone out to enjoy the warm weather. That includes kids, dogs, bikes left on the side of the road, or balls rolling down the street. All these and more can pop out at you while you are driving. Pay particular attention and maybe drive just a bit slower.

Keep springtime safe and your children healthy during a fun time of the year.

Contact Personal Pediatrics at 407-345-9929 with any questions, concerns, or injuries during this spring.


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